Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter Picnic was loads of fun!

Ainzley had a great time. If you ask her, she will tell you that the best part was the egg part...that would inclue the hunting of and the cracking of...see for yourself:


And I think the best part was probably the Easter baskets....The very clever Easter Bunny, aka Poopsie, thought it would be a great idea to put a harmonica in the basket. It was a huge hit...check her out:

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ainzley Opal is THREE


It was loads of fun...see for yourself!

These were the only two poses I could get out of her...

Campbell, or shall I say Diva, was a little more cooperative :)

Even Stratty boy got in on the action...although he wanted to pick up the balls balls balls!

Props go out to Grita for the bowling shirts...even Stratty boy had one!

The guys had a blast too. According to Alan, "the best 3 year old birthday party he has ever been to." I mean really - they got to bowl and drink beer...and not one picture to prove it :(

HEB cake was awesome...they did a great job! Who can go wrong with white cake, buttercream frosting for the filling, and buttercream frosting on top. YUMMY!

Great Birthday weekend!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Ainzley requested "Ladaladas" for lunch today. She is starting the new year off right if you ask me :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update or be deleted...

That was the ultimatum Renee gave here it is:

This was the 14th - a heck of a way to spend your pre-Christmas days. Ainzley fell out of the basket at Sam's and had a minor skull fracture. Spent the night at University Hospital -

She is back to her old self again! Already been back for two follow-ups and she is not allowed to participate in contact sports for 6-8 weeks. Haha

This is the day we came home - she was so glad to see her kitties. The pillow case was from the hospital - one of a few gifts they gave her while she was there. She was only there 24 hours, but they treated her so well. She really did not want to leave the play room - Mamma was ready to come HOME!!


This was after decorating the tree. It was a real tree, although it was half dead when we got it I think. Ainzley had a blast putting the ornaments on. Looked pretty good I think - Melvin and her decorated it and I video taped them.

And just like that it was over...and you know, I don't think we got a single picture of the kiddos opening gifts. They had a blast though. Here is a picture of Ainzley and her new toy kitty. She loves it as much as she does her real kitties (I like it more becuase it doesn't involve a litter box)!

thanks Iwanicki :)

And today it was officially over and by that I mean I took down all the Christmas decorations :( But as I was packing up all the stuff I came across a cool way to store my christmas lights...PLASTIC HANGER. It works perfectly...the little hook holds the plug in part and you wrap it up and hook the other plug in part on the other hook - then I hung it up in my storage closet...take a look and see what you think:

Lastly, I went to the ranch to take Senior pictures for Haylie...I had a shadow to say the least:

You should see the ones of Haylie :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend at Club Codina

Weekend at Campbells house was awesome. The kids played and played and then played some more - Ainzley had a blast! You can just watch them playing together and feel the love! Ainzley and Campbell played chase in the kitchen, swam, and played downstairs in 'Campbell's room' was the best! Oh, and StrattyBOY was there too!

The adults had fun too! Alan cooked us a great meal, as usual. We had our favorite wine, that we found for $6 a bottle (so we bought all 5 bottles - only drank 2). And we played games!

Out of the entire weekend we only had one complaint. I decided to portray our complaint in the classic "MasterCard commercial" style...check it out:

Pitcher on clearance at Marshall's: $3.00

Lipton ice tea: $2.25 with coupon

Having More than enough ice to make tea,

AND enjoy a glass of tea with the ones you love :


Seriously...Renee and Alan are getting ice trays in their stockings this year!

Weekend was a blast!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blog on Speed

I thought I better lay down some blog...Renee has posted three in the last week I think. Her blog must be on speed or something. (she even had time to blog about her vehicle?)

It's barely summer and my baby girl already has a tan line! She loves it outside - and loves the water. Pool water, hose water, even the dog water! She LOVES it - We are taking swim lessons in a few weeks. I'll let you know how that goes :)

If she is not in the water, you can bet she is in the hammock. Usually with Grita, but sometimes with Paige the Pig dog.

I am so proud of Ainzley! I am not talking about the fact that she is already potty trained - I am talking about her love of "mainting". She loves to maint ~ aka Paint! She is my little Picasso :)

She is a clown!

I am telling you, this girl is wild. She is chattering non-stop and is usually saying something hilarious. She is always coming up with something to make me laugh...we have a blast together and I for one can't wait for school to be out!!

She is sporting Paw Paw's safety glasses....and a little bit of lip stick too.
:) that's my girl!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

(early) Birthday at the Zoo!

Early birthday party at the zoo since April turned out to be a full month this year! It was a blast!!

We saw Lions:

and tigers:

and bears:

Oh My!! it was too fun!

The weather was fabulous - nice and cool...the animals actually cooperated and were out of thier cages.

Always one of my faves ~ the elepahant:

He was showing off for us a bit :)

It was just like old times...we even got to take a ride on the elephant....

well...............maybe not JUST like old times....

I think the birthday girls had fun...

I know I did!!